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When our program began in 1996, we started with several 6 week focus groups and then we introduced a monthly support group meeting. In time, we added in our Annual Candle Light Memorial Service and in 2013, we started our Annual Baby Steps Walk to Remember. At the beginning of our 26th year in 2022, we decided to change up our programming and have dropped our support group format to return to a curriculum based Workshop Series. This will still include dedicated time for participants to share their stories and receive support from peers who truly understand. Additionally the curriculum will provide education, tools and resources so those who attend will begin to heal and move forward in their grief. Baby loss grief for most of us is lifelong but with support, education and resources, we know from study, theory and experience that we can incorporate baby loss into our daily lives in a healthy manner. We welcome all to attend our programs, as well as our events. If you wish to learn more, please send complete our "Contact Us" form and we'll connect with you once we receive it. 

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